pretty blue front door
Locks, Padlocks and Locksmith Services by City Locks Norwich

5 July 2024

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Locksmith Service: Pink padlock and key for Home Security
Our Top 8 Student Housing Security Tips

9 November 2023

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"Spare Keys on Table: Why You Need Them - Expert Locksmith Advice
Reasons you should have a spare key

22 February 2023

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How to prevent festive holiday burglaries

23 December 2022

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Frosty Morning Tips: De-icing Your Door on Frosty Grass - Prepare with Expert Locksmith Advice
How to De-ice Your Door Lock

7 November 2022

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Norwich Locksmith in Action: Learn When to Call for Expert Assistance.
4 Reasons to Call a Locksmith

18 August 2022

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New Home Security: Keys in Hand, Doors Secure – Safeguarding Your Home Sweet Home | Expert Home Advice
Securing your new home

28 June 2022

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Locksmith-Backed Home Security: Blue Suitcase Illustrating Holiday Safety.
How to secure your home while you’re on vacation.

27 May 2022

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close up of locksmith hands and tools working on door lock
Common ‘Embarrassing’ Situations We Help With

25 March 2022

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Key hanging on door with silver home key ring - vintage alarm clock in background.
How can a locksmith help to secure my home?

8 February 2022

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House and car keys hanging up in house
What to do if you’re locked out of your home or business?

20 October 2021

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Locked blue door
What lock system is best for your property?

9 February 2021

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