9 November 2023

Our Top 8 Student Housing Security Tips

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Being a student is an exciting time, it’s all about discovery, learning and finding out who you truly are. There are lectures to study, parties to attend and friends to make, but with this new life comes new responsibilities, including, for some, moving out and a new home.

For the first time ever, some students will be living in their very own student housing with friends and classmates, embarking on the journey that is adulthood. 

So, how do you keep safe in your new digs? Where do you start? For any worried students or nervous parents, we’re here with some top tips for student housing security, tried and tested by students old and new.

How do you secure a student house?

  1. Test your locks. Before moving in, check the locks. Check the front door, back door, gates and windows are all included in this. Check that they work and that they’re secure, and if you have any doubts, get in touch with your landlord right away to have them checked. It may be that they need fixing or replacing.
  2. Lock your doors. This may seem self-explanatory but it’s a crucial safety step. Lock all your doors and windows when leaving the house for any amount of time, even if you’re just popping to the shops. It’s smart to get into the habit of locking them whilst you’re indoors too, especially if you’re spending time in a room away from the doors.
  3. Don’t leave spare keys outside. No matter what, don’t leave spare keys lying around. It doesn’t matter how well hidden they are, anyone watching your property could see you sneak the key into that ‘expert’ hiding place or will quite happily search around the property for it. We know that uni can get a little wild, but leaving a key out for the housemate who loses everything on a night out simply isn’t safe. Invest in a hidden lock box or key safe for those particularly forgetful friends, or leave a spare key with a trusted neighbour who doesn’t mind helping out.
  4. Don’t leave your belongings in plain sight. Being a student can require a lot of tech, so it’s good to get into the habit of putting it away. Don’t leave your shiny new laptop out on the coffee table in full view of the living room window for anyone walking by to see. Take a second to put technology and other valuables out of sight to avoid tempting fate.
  5. Don’t tell the world you’re going away. Holidays and trips back home are exciting, but posting all about them on your public social accounts can come back to bite you. If a burglar knows there’s no one home, they’re in for an easy job. Make your social media profiles private to keep your plans quiet or avoid announcing that you’re gone and have left behind an empty home altogether.
  6. Don’t let strangers in. Students experience the same housing issues as everyone else, broken boilers and leaky taps do not discriminate. When calling for someone to perform a service at your home, always ask for their ID at the door. If they don’t have any, don’t let them in. Any industry professional should have identification on them and will be more than happy to provide it. Letting in strangers can give the wrong person intimate knowledge of the layout of your home.
  7. Keep a lamp on when you’re gone. Automatic and timed sockets are an affordable way to make it seem like your home is full, even when you’re gone. Simply plug in a lamp and set it to turn on and stay on during the evening and some of the night to give the impression that you’re home. Just make sure that the lamp turns off at night or it could become obvious that no one is there.
  8. Save the City Locks number on your phone. Our team is ready to repair and replace locks, and get you into your home if you get locked out. We are here to help those in Norfolk 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including religious and festive holidays. Save our number 01603 409181 to your contacts list and you’ll be one step closer to an expert locksmith when you need them most.

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