28 June 2022

Securing your new home

New Home Security: Keys in Hand, Doors Secure – Safeguarding Your Home Sweet Home | Expert Home Advice

Moving house can be a stressful time, with so much to think about it can be hard to remember to keep on top of the most important things such as sending your initial gas reading or taking the correct steps to ensure your home is secure. 

When moving house it can take some time for your new property to feel like home, so whether you’re staying in the same area or moving to a new location, it’s important to take the necessary steps to make sure your new home feels like a safe space. 

Follow our top tips to reveal what to do next. 

Update your locks 

Your new home will come complete with a set of keys, however it’s impossible to know how many other people have a copy of these keys. Over the course of several years, keys may have been duplicated and handed out to any number of people from family members, friends and even contractors. Having your locks changed is the only way to ensure your home is fully secure to prevent unwanted visitors. 

Light it up

Replacing any lightbulbs inside your house will likely be one of the first things you do when you move, however, checking exterior lighting might not be your top priority. Security lights are a big deterrent to intruders, lighting up the area makes it harder for them to conceal their identity and may prevent them from attempting to infiltrate your property. 

What’s more, it makes navigating your home easier when you’re arriving home in the dark. Save energy by opting for solar generated fittings, or monitor sensor lights which only activate when a passerby walks past. 

Keep watch

It goes without saying that having cameras on your property will help deter potential intruders, especially when you combine cameras with outdoor lighting. It’s said 60% of burglars will choose another target if they find alarms or cameras on the property. 

Not only can you keep an eye on your property whilst you’re not at home with the help of smart technology and apps which can connect to your camera system, but you could also prevent other crime within your area if your camera can detect it.

If the worst happens and you do experience a break in, you will at least have footage of the incident which can be given to the police and your insurance company. 

Install a security system 

Finally, installing a security system will not only improve your insurance premiums but will provide another deterrent to a potential intruder. 

If you’re seeking advice on how to secure your doors or windows, then feel free to contact our friendly and professional team on 01603 409181 who will be happy to help.

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