4 February 2019

Welcome to Our Lock Emporium

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Locking your door is a key principle of feeling safe in your own home and protecting your business. A good lock gives you protection from the outside world and helps you, your family and your colleagues feel comfortable in the knowledge that the house and company is secure.

At City Locks Norwich, we stock a wide range of locks for your doors and windows to help you feel safe and secure about your property. Whether you are replacing a damaged lock or just upgrading to a more solid and secure lock, City Locks Norwich have the right lock for you.

Garage door locks

At City Locks Norwich, we’re experienced in the repair and replacement of garage door springs, cones, cables, and roller pins. Whether your garage is an open out, up and over, or roller type, we can arrange for a fast and efficient replacement or repair of garage door locks. In conjunction with this, if you’re concerned about your side garage doors, we also cater for these as our vans carry a wide selection of mortice, rim locks, and euro cylinders – guaranteeing maximum security for your valuables.

Furthermore, if you’re considering a change of style or wish to upgrade your garage door, our Norwich locksmiths can also carry out a full replacement service to install the garage door that suits your requirements.

Patio door locks

If you’re having concerns about your patio door security, we can arrange a survey to ascertain the problem with the patio door lock and advise the next steps we would take to repair or replace any faulty areas.

Indeed, should a repair or replacement not be possible immediately, we will arrange for the necessary parts to be sourced, ordered and fitted as soon as possible. In response to this, while waiting for the necessary parts, we will secure your property until the repair can be made. On top of this, City Locks Norwich stock a variety of additional security products for patio doors, including handles, hinges and restrictors.

Window Locks

Most property owners will be aware that many insurance companies require additional security products to be fitted to all ground floor windows. At City Locks Norwich, we carry a wide range of window locks for UPVC, wooden and metal windows. Not to mention, we can even arrange for one of our engineers to survey your property and establish any areas which may require upgrading or offer advice of what your next steps should be.

Collectively, we can repair or replace window handles, butt, and friction hinges. Should your window be beyond economical repair, we can carry out a full replacement service.


Commonly known as ‘Yale locks’, nightlatches are generally used when there is a need for the door to lock automatically when the door shuts. With this in mind, we often called out in an emergency when customers have left their house keys inside the house and are now locked out. Fortunately, we’re experts at gaining entry to locks like these and hold a range of nightlatches for repairs and replacements.

Mortice Locks

For an aesthetically pleasing lock system, mortice locks are fitted into the stile of the door with only the face plate visible. Similarly, to all our other lock installations, we can supply, fit and gain access to mortice locks whether they are fitted to an internal or external door, or even a secure container. Due to our vans being equipped with a variety of mortice locks, we’re able to complete most jobs on the first visit.

UPVC door locks

In most cases, some older UPVC windows and doors can suffer from wear and tear issues or they may be difficult to open, close or lock. In this case, we’re able to provide a full repair or replacement service for friction hinges, handles, cylinders, mechanisms, gearboxes, espags, keeps, and double-glazed units and infill panels.

Roller door locks

Roller doors are tailored towards shops, workshops, garages, and other buildings that require higher levels of security. At the City Locks Norwich workshop, we stock the main types of “bullet” locks and some of the less popular specialist padlocks for many of the main makes of doors.

Cylinder locks

In the occasion of a lock needing to be changed, it is often only the cylinder that is replaced, the main body of the lock will remain the same. Interestingly, cylinder locks are the most common type of lock as they can be used for a diversified number of commercial and domestic reasons. Following on from this, this means different cylinder locks will provide varying levels of security – some will have anti-snap, anti-drill and anti-bump capability, while others are available with restricted sections and registration cards to limit copy key risks.

Cabinet locks

Again, cabinet locks are another common lock system used for a variety of different purposes including post boxes, small money boxes, notice boards, bureau, drawers, wardrobes, and display cases. In the situation of lost keys, these locks are easier to obtain a copy key as the code is often written on the face of the lock. Cabinet lock jobs will most likely require two visits are we only carry a small selection of the more common cabinet locks, the first visit will be to assess and gain the correct information, while the other will be to fit the lock.

Digital locks

For companies with a high turnover of staff, this lock system is most useful due to the impracticality of using a lock that requires being opened with keys with staff coming and going all the time. In the case of digital locks, a passcode is requested and needs changing on a regular basis. We’re able to fit digital locks to either wooden or aluminium doors both internally and externally.

Rim locks

Whether you need sashlock or deadlock format, we have a wide range of rim locks to secure wooden gates, shed doors and some older residential doors. Due to their common purpose, rim locks are fitted directly to the internal face of the door and provide a reasonable level of security. Unfortunately, many older versions are no longer available so a best possible match is all we can offer.

Padlocks, hasps & staples

Depending on whether you need to secure a shed, garage or work compound, we have a solution with our range of padlocks, hasps and staples for both retail and trade sectors.

If you feel any of the above suit the level of security that you need for your domestic or commercial property, get in touch with our professional team today to discuss your installation, repair or replacement.

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