8 February 2022

How can a locksmith help to secure my home?

Key hanging on door with silver home key ring - vintage alarm clock in background.

Why change your locks? 

Homes with no security measures in place are said to be five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures. 

Outdated or broken locks not only make is easier for others to gain access to your home, but should the worse happen, not maintaining your locks could also lead to your your home insurance being void. 

Is now the time to change your locks? 

With the busy lives that so many of us lead, it is understandable that changing the locks to our homes would be low on our list of priorities, but should we be giving it more thought?

Who else has a key to your home? 

Crime statistics state that your home is almost twice as likely to be broken in to if you have recently moved in. Think about it, how many previous occupants have a spare key to your home? 

Particularly in rented accommodation, many people could have had access to your key and there is nothing to say that they will have returned them. 

In addition to the previous residents themselves, many people also give away spare sets to friends and family members to enable them to access the property while they are away, or as an emergency set should they lose their keys, leaving a potential trail of keys that could provide a stranger with access to your most valuable possessions. 

Student and multi occupancy properties increase this risk tenfold. If you are in private student accommodation, we always recommend the locks are changed prior to the term beginning. Full time students are considered a higher risk when it comes to break ins, so this is one simple change you can make to help secure the accommodation. We also offer emergency locksmith services to students of the UEA, at a discounted rate. 

Spare and lost keys can invalidate your home insurance! 

Money Supermarkets research indicates that nearly 37% of UK Homeowners have lost at least one set of house keys. From our own experience as Norwich Locksmiths, we certainly see our fair share of incidents of lost keys. From being left in taxis, to dropped down drains, emergency call outs for lost keys are one of our most frequent calls. It is usually due to not being able to gain access to the home immediately that prompts the call to request  a change of locks. If a partner, neighbour or the underside of your plant pot happens to hold a spare set, would you consider changing the locks at all?  If the answer is no, then we would implore you to reconsider. 

If a spare key is used to enter your home, in order to steal from it, your home insurance may not pay out.

Should you lose a set of keys, even if you have a spare, ,the locks on your home should always be change by a trusted locksmith, to help future proof your homes security. 

Can you safely open all of your windows and doors? 

Many people have that one window in their house that can’t be opened, or worse locked, as the key has wandered many years previously. Others share one key across several locks. If you were to have a house fire, could you quickly unlock each of your windows and doors, should it prove vital? Are you able to secure you house fully before leaving it for a holiday or whilst you are at work? If the answer is no, it is time you changed your locks. 

Call us today, for a no obligation quotation

Whether it is an emergency locksmith you require or a planned change of locks our experts are here to help. 

We stock most locks and carry a large range daily within our vehicles, allowing us to provide a cost effective and quick change of locks for your doors, windows and garages. Our team are happy to provide you with help and quotations on the telephone, helping you to make the right decision when it comes to keeping your home secure. 

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