22 February 2023

Reasons you should have a spare key.

"Spare Keys on Table: Why You Need Them - Expert Locksmith Advice

You never know when a spare set of keys will come in handy. Whether you accidentally lock yourself out, lose your keys whilst you’re out and about, or perhaps you even snap your key in your lock. Whatever the reason, not being able to get into your home can be frustrating and stressful. Which is why preparation is key to avoiding these situations. 

Of course we’re always available to help should you need our assistance, however here’s some tips to prevent the need for an emergency call out. 

Keep a spare set of keys in a safe space. 

Preparation is the key to ensuring you don’t get locked out of your property. If you don’t already have a spare set of keys it’s time to consider getting them cut. 

Next is deciding where to keep them. Purchasing a key safe is a perfect way to keep a key close to hand should the worst happen. Alternatively you could ask a trusted friend or family member to keep a key for you, but it’s worth considering this carefully as they will have access to your home and could potentially make a copy of your key without you being aware of this. 

Snapped or damaged keys

Keys aren’t invincible. They take on daily use, get thrown around in bags and over time can create a weak spot which can lead to the key snapping in your lock. 

To prevent this keep an eye on your keys, if you notice any cracking or bending on your key it’s time to get an upgrade. It’s also worth considering having two keys and alternating between keys to prevent overuse. 

Stolen or lost keys 

Having a spare key means if you happen to lose your keys you will easily take your spare key in to get an additional key cut. Although it’s worth noting if you’ve lost or had your keys stolen it’s important to consider getting your locks changed as soon as possible. 

Keeping your property safe is paramount and if you’ve lost your keys then you can never be sure who now has access to your home. 

Whether you’re locked out, looking for a new lock to be installed or need advice on what lock system is best for your property please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly team on 01603 409181.

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