5 May 2020

What Should You Look For to Know You’ve Found a Legitimate and Trusted Locksmith?

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Not only is security important to us in the sense of knowing that our homes are secure, but also when we find ourselves in difficult situations, such as locking ourselves out of our homes, damaging locks, or changing locks to enhance security.

It happens to the best of us and whatever the situation, not only is it important to find a reliable locksmith who can help in an emergency, but one who cares as much as you do about the safety and security of your home and valuables.

It’s worth a Google.

A great way to find a legitimate, local locksmith is to search on Google and look into the top three Google My Business results, also known as the Map Pack. This is a great tool that allows you to browse through all the locksmiths within your area, alongside each business are real customer reviews and phone numbers that you can call in one click.

An easily accessible tool that quickly provides you with a good first impression for each company and how they treat their customers. What is their star rating? What are customers saying about them? Even check out the negative reviews, do they seem like they could be a genuine mistake or is there a recurring theme?

Exclusive consumer review websites?

Alternatively, you can search for locksmiths local to you on websites such as Trust Pilot. Another great website that can help you find a company in your area, ideally one with outstanding reviews and recommendations from existing customers but will also help you identify which ones to potentially stay away from.

Word of mouth.

Along with all of this, one of the most trusted referrals is word of mouth. Why not ask your neighbours or family and friends who live close by who they’ve used before?

It’s more than likely that someone close to you will have had to use a locksmith at some point, like we said, it’s happened to the best of us. Therefore, it’s always worthwhile hearing the opinions of others who have physically dealt with a local locksmith before.

Local community.

Likewise, speak to your local shops and businesses. These properties are familiar with maintaining their security. Therefore, gaining advice from local businesses where you’re friendly with the workers could help you with your decision. We heed a warning to be careful how many people you ask and ensure it’s only people you completely trust. Having every Tom, Dick and Harry know you’re experiencing some security issues wouldn’t be wise.

Only the best.

Once you’ve found a reliable and trusted locksmith, you’ll want to know that they’re experienced. Depending on the situation, you want the quickest and cheapest route that fixes the root of the problem. Whether this is repairing or replacing the lock, you don’t want to be paying any extra that you need to, and you definitely don’t want the job prolonged if a mistake is made.

A few key signs to spot a highly skilled locksmith include:

  • Ask them how long the job should take beforehand. Upon looking at the issue, they should be able to provide a quick answer, and if not, then they should have a confident reason for why this is.
  • Prepared. Locksmiths should be familiar with all the common household and commercial property locks. With this in mind, they should have all the equipment they need available in the van to reach you and carry out the job as quickly as possible.
  • Get an estimate quote before the job takes place. They may not be able to provide you with a full quote before seeing the job and especially if you’re unable to describe what lock you have, but in most cases, they should do this anyhow so be sure to raise it.
  • Ask your locksmith about their training and certifications, there’s no harm in asking for their experience. From your point of view, it will help determine a professional from an amateur.

In an emergency, there are always quick routes to find a trusted and legitimate locksmith in a hurry such as Google My Business and Trust Pilot. However, if you have the time to look into this, take your time searching on Google or discussing this with trust your fellow peers.

Security in your home and for your family is crucial, it shouldn’t be taken light-heartedly by you or your chosen locksmith, choose a company that cares and can provide you with comfort.

If you require a locksmith, contact us today 01603 409181 and we will happily talk through your options. We’re your trusted local locksmiths in Norfolk with over 20 years of experience and our team are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, to help you when you need it most.

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