9 August 2019

Insight into Master Lock Systems

double doors with lock system

A Master Lock System is a system where specific keys can unlock multiple, if not all, doors within your building. Most commonly found being used in hotel complexes, Master Lock Systems are used to increase control and convenience for the user. As with most systems, there are always pros and cons, we’ve listed the main ones below to help you decide whether this would work for your business.


  1. Fewer keys to keep an eye on.

For a business like a hotel, one of the biggest perks of investing in a Master Lock System is the simplicity of looking after only one or a few keys and being able to get to anywhere within the hotel. It would be a massive inconvenience to carry every key with you, especially when you could have up to 500 rooms in one complex, for the off chance that you need to get into one of those rooms.

  1. Strict control access.

If your company building is large enough to warrant a Master Lock System, then it is likely that a vast number of people enter and exit the building on a daily occurrence. By installing a system like this, you’re able to apply tighter accessibility regulations and assign certain people different permissions based on where they need to get to within the building. For example, if you control the permission levels in a shop, you may give your admin team a key to where the tills are floated, your management team a key for meeting rooms, whilst your sales assistants only need keys for the staff room and stock room.

  1. Easy to use.

Master Lock Systems are available in various different styles; electric key cards, a hierarchy system of traditional keys or combination locks. The level of ease you experience with your system entirely depends on which style you go for.

  • A combination lock requires you to remember the combination code and who has codes for which doors within the company – be sure that your colleagues have good enough memories to make the most out of this system.
  • Traditional keys work well for Master Lock Systems as everyone understands how to use them and are cheaper to replace if you lose or break them. However, they are bulkier and heavier to carry around if you have multiple keys on your key chain.
  • Electric keycards are the most popular choice. Easy to use for everyone and they don’t take up too much space in your handbag or pockets. But they are expensive if anything goes wrong and could compromise the security of your building if the system fails.


  1. Never 100% secure.

As with all things, you can never be 100% reliant on a Master Lock System as most systems have their faults and weak spots. Just be sure to have a back up plan in place if they do go down and someone on call or nearby to fix the issue straight away – ensuring the safety and security of your building and everyone and everything in it should always be the top priority.

  1. Expensive.

To have your entire building fitted with a Master Lock System is a serious investment and one that shouldn’t be a rash decision. If you’re a company with large quantities of different people coming and going to and from the building each day, that receives lots of deliveries, or who rents out the rest of the building to other firms and businesses, then you’ll most likely want to consider having a system like this installed. Otherwise, try to settle on a cheaper alternative that could save you a lot of time and pennies.

At City Locks Norwich, our team is skilled and qualified to install and repair various locking systems. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and the size of your building, from there we’ll be able to make the best choice for you. You can reach us on either 01603 409181 or by filling out our enquiry form below.

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