10 February 2020

Home security means more than an app linked security camera

security camera set up externally

With the rise of WiFi linked security cameras, more homeowners are becoming more self aware when it comes to keeping their homes secure, but whilst being able to keep a watchful eye over your premises is reassuring, they can give a false sense of security meaning many people are overlooking fundamental security issues with their homes.

How can I make my house more secure? 

Aside from the latest home security systems such as Nest and Arlo, there are some simple steps you can take to secure your home from burglary. 

Secure your boundaries

Make sure your fence is in a good state of repair and more obscured gates around the back of the property are well secured and have security lighting. 

If fence panels are rotten or easy to lift they are the perfect point of entry for those trying to gain unauthorised access to your property. 

Make sure your upstairs windows are locked. 

Whilst you do need to keep the key nearby in the case of an emergency, many people overlook the fact that burglars will go to great lengths t again acmes to your property, scaling drainpipes and flat roofs to reach open upper floor windows. 

Don’t hide your keys outside 

Many, many people still insist on leaving their keys ‘hidden’ outside their properties. It does not, however take a detective to discover where these hiding places may be. Potted plants and the door mat are still a firm favourite, along with electricity meters and car wheel rims. If this sounds familiar, then please move your spare key now. It could invalidate your home insurance is a spare key is used to enter your property. 

As you can see here, Money Supermarket carried out a survey for the most common places Brits choose to leave their house keys: https://www.moneysupermarket.com/home-insurance/house-keys/

Cut back trees and bushes that obstruct your home from view

Overgrown vegetation lends itself perfectly to protecting those trying to access your home from view. We suggest cutting back overgrown trees and plants surrounding your property to a level that maintains your privacy, but still allows untoward activity to be spotted. 

Security lights 

Whilst they do have a habit of highlighting the odd urban fox, security lights as still one of the main deterrents of burglars. Place lights carefully to ensure they are triggered should someone approach your home in the evenings. They draw attention quickly to usually darkened areas and help to raise the alarm if need be. 

Ensure your locks are in tip top condition

Of course, we couldn’t write a blog about home security without mentioning locks. 

In order to keep you locks secure, check them for signs of wear and tear on a regular basis and choose a lock that comes with great security ratings.  Make sure that you have keys for all windows and doors, so that they can be secured whether or not you are in the house. 

If you lose you keys, change your locks. If you move house, change your locks .

Thanks to lost sets of keys and previous occupants, the amount of spare keys that could be available for your home may frighten you. If you haven’t changed your locks since you have lost a set of keys, or have moved in to a new home it is vital that you do so. Not only do you run the risk of someone having access to your most treasured possessions, but should a break in be carried out using one of the spares, your insurance company may decide not to pay out.

Book your lock change today. 

Whilst we cant advise you on the best cctv camera or how to fix your fence, our talented locksmiths can secure and/or change your properties locks. Call us today for your free no obligation quotation on 01603 409181.

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